Located in the Chilean Patagonia, Chiloé is the largest island of the main archipelago of Chile, with a length of 180 kilometers and a width of 50 kilometers. An interior ocean separates the island from the continent with a large number of islands that are considered as one of the great places for sports navigation.

It’s common the sighting of whales, dolphins and sea lions. Its unique wild landscape, combines native woods and grazing fields. Also unique, is its stilt architecture and iconic native wood churches, that are World Heritage and were built during the 15th and 16th centuries. It has two coastal cities, Castro and Ancud, and a number of small coastal villages, where native wool, natural fibers and wood crafts can be found. Famous are their myths and legends showing an ancient and complex culture.

It has an airport for domestic flights in Castro and also the International Tepual airport of Puerto Montt, wich is 60 Kms distance from Chiloé.

There are two houses, that are distanced by a hill, which allows to maintain independence.

18 guests, 10 beds and 9 bathrooms.



Casa Punta Chiloé is a unique property with two houses located in the Northern part of the Chiloé’s island, at the tip of Punta Chilen peninsula. Facing the East, you can view the ocean, and behind it, 400 kms of the Andes Mountain range and its volcanoes.

To the West, the most breathtaking sunsets occur. The 12,5 acres property, is surrounded by the ocean and its beach allows water sports, like swimming, kayaking and stand up paddle, as well as experiencing many encounters with Chilean dolphins.